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Last update: November 2011
18-May-2012: Important note

These data have been discontinued by Dun & Bradstreet and are no longer being updated at CHASS. The archive of these data, INKBR editions 2004-2011 will be still maintained and available online at CHASS for historical reasons.

Welcome to Dun & Bradstreet INKBR (2011 edition)

Competitive benchmarking for improved business performance in the areas of solvency, efficiency, and profitability

This database provides users with a set of business ratios, measured as relationships between companies' balance sheet and income statement categories, across industries classified as per Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes.

"Industry norms" is a concept of juxtaposing an individual company's balance sheet and income statement ratios against "norms" derived from the industry group (as per the SIC code) to which the company belongs.

The Search and Retrieval System for Dun & Bradstreet INKBR Database @ CHASS allows, at present, to view all three groups of key business ratios (14 ratios in total) for industries classified by SIC codes. We also provide an interface to enter an individual company's data and compare them with that company's industry norms.

Please read the documentation section for a complete list of business ratios provided by this database.

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