Basic Economics (Annual)
Last update: February 2015

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5,532 series in the database

Access is allowed to users from the University of Toronto and other academic institutions who have current subscriptions to this database and appropriate agreements with CHASS. The database can be used for non-commercial purposes only.

Citibase is a macroeconomic database that originated at Citicorp Database Services. It is currently known as Basic Economics and is maintained by Global Insight.

The database contains over 5900 monthly, quarterly, or annual time series ending with the latest available observation and going back to 1946, if available. The data are on a national level, taken from over one hundred U.S. Government and private publications. All revisions (of data, concepts, and coverage) made by source agencies are incorporated into the databank.

Labels (data series code names) consist of 2 to 6 characters and remain unchanged as long as data for the same concept continue to be published. Code names follow certain loose conventions. In general, the broader the concept, the shorter the name of the series representing it. The first letter of each label generally indicates the "chapter" to which the series belongs. A list of all series can be viewed in the Data Dictionary below.

Starting Points:

CITIBASE Data Dictionary:

CHASS provides an Expanded Data Dictionary. Click on the anchors below to view full series listings for selected groups of time series. See NOTE for explanation of differences between the original data dictionary (as provided on distribution tapes) and the expanded series listings.

  • B : Balance of Payments, U.S. International Transactions

  • C
    • CC : Consumer Installment Credit
    • CON : Construction

  • D : Composite Indices of Cyclical Indicators

  • E
    • E : Energy
    • EX : Exchange Rates

  • F : Financial Series
    • FB : Federal Fiscal Operations
    • FC : Reserves, Loans, Investments
    • FD : Public Debt
    • FM : Money Supply
    • FMD : Mortgage Debt
    • FS : Stock Market
    • FY : Interest Rates and Yields

  • G : National Income & Product Accounts
    • GA : N.I.P.A. - annual
    • GM : N.I.P.A. - monthly

  • H : Housing

  • I : Industrial Production
    • IOCAR : Car and Truck Production (units)
    • IP : Industrial Production Indices
    • IPX : Capacity Utilizations Rates
    • IV : Inventories
    • IX : New Plant and Equipment Expenditures

  • K : Capital Stock

  • L : Labor
    • LB : Labor Output Unit Costs, etc.
    • LE : Establishment Survey, Avg. Hourly Earnings
    • LH : Household Survey, Employment and Unemployment
    • LP : Establishment Survey, Production and Non-supervisory Workers
    • LPH : Establishment Survey, Production Workers, Avg. Weekly Hours
    • LUR : Unemployment Rate

  • M : Manufacturers' Shipments, New and Unfilled Orders
    • MDO : Manufacturers' Durables, New Orders
    • MDS : Manufacturers' Durables, Shipments
    • MDU : Manufacturers' Durables, Unfilled Orders
    • MNO : Manufacturers' Nondurables, New Orders
    • MNS : Manufacturers' Nondurables, Shipments
    • MNU : Manufacturers' Nondurables, Unfilled Orders

  • O : Manufacturers' New and Unfilled Orders (NAICS classification)
    • O : Manufacturers' New Orders (NAICS classification)
    • OU : Manufacturers' Unfilled Orders (NAICS classification)

  • P : Population, Prices, Projections
    • PR : Projections & Forecasts
    • PU : Consumer Price Index
    • PW : Producer Price Index

  • R : Retail Trade

  • W : Wholesale Trade

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